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Non Judging Breakfast Club
You Cant Save The Damsel If She Likes The Distress
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23rd-Jan-2010 12:09 pm - Chuck and Blair blog
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2nd-Sep-2008 09:46 pm - The Goss on Gossip Girl
Jefree star
Here is your top goss on our fave show... Gossip girl.

Nobody will admit to liking the gossip that goes around your school from the local gossip queen , but when it comes down to it, most will be all ears and take in any gossip being served.

Such is the case in New York, where one eighth-grade girl at The Dalton School has created a Website designed after one was shown in our fav show...Gossip Girl

'In the TV show, an anonymous blogger tracks all the happenings at some upper-class private high schools in New York City. In various posts, the real-life blogger talks about the goings-on at her upper-class New York City-based school--mostly juicy bits with barbs thrown in for good measure.

For example, one post allegedly describes one student's attempt to make herself over with colored contact lenses, and another talks about another girl trying to get attention by doing some sexy dancing at a bat mitzvah. There are also lists dividing the student body into "A List" and "B List" stature--basically the same sort of chitchat that goes on in school hallways.' Says The Sun

The creater of the blog site goes by the name of Miss ITK (Miss In The Know) and begins each entry with "Hello my butterflies." Here's an example excerpt from the blog:

"It seems that Tommy, previously the boyfriend of Georgie, came up with a plan he was SURE would sky rocket him to the top. Not too fast, boy. You might think breaking up with an A-lister could make you seem all that, but you cant jump to the next stone without proper footing. He fell so fast, even seventh graders won't hook up with him. Now that's GOTTA hurt. Dear Tommy, rip up those tickets to the top, because you're headed on a one-way trip to the B-list!"

But the online availability of the blog has brought several students to tears because of public humiliation, and some parents are upset.

I dont think that people get that Gossip Girl is fiction...people who copy things from this hsow are a little desperet for attention. Being mean and spreading gossip or for a better term 'Rumors' obviously think badly about themselves and need to see others upset so they can feel good.

However, the blog has gone offline--possibly due to the unwanted attention it attracted and possibly because said anonymous student may have been expelled.

Remeber Gossip Girl is fiction these things dont happen in real life no matter how 'Glamorous' you want to be.
24th-Aug-2008 08:01 pm - Seven Minutes In Ah....Heaven?
Jefree star
Title: Seven Minutes In Ah....Heaven?
Author: Claire
Summery: Gossip Girl here, your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Manhattan’s finest. I just herd that Queen B and CB had been stuck in a closet together, I wonder how they spent their time, do you know? You know you love me, XOXO Gossip Girl /SMUT
Raiting: Nc-17

24th-Aug-2008 07:52 pm - Welcome
Jefree star

Hi  Everyone! 

This is my first community and i hope it turns out well.!
Anybody is aloud to post here so dont hesitate to send all your Gossip girl icons, Banners and stories or what ever it is about Gossip Girl you like!

Any pairing is aloud though my fav is Chuck/Blair!

Have fun!
Claire xoxo

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